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Kansas Backflow Knows That Contractors Are Our Number One Clients. We Are Always Ready to Quote Your Locations Throughout Kansas.  Kansas Backflow Has a 100 Mile Standard Service Area From Salina. A Major Portion of Our Business is Dedicated to Helping Professional Companies Meet Their Clients Demands for Backflow in Compliance


With Increasing Labor Demands Your Business Can Run Smoothly by Subcontracting Kansas Backflow Throughout Central Kansas. Our Specialty is Backflow Testing, Rebuilds, & Repairs.

Some of Our Preferred Contractor Clients We Help With Compliance are Listed Below.

Kansas Backflow Testing · Offers Contractor Discounted Testing 

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Please Contact Us for Your Special Contractor Rate!

Click on the "Pricing" Button. Contractor Pricing is the Lowest Number Shown in a Jurisdiction.

"Your Backflow Specialist all across Kansas"

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No Matter Where You Are Located in Kansas, We Can Quote Your Backflow Needs.

Most Jurisdictions are Priced Within our Route.

If  You are a National Maintenance Company and Have Multiple Locations in Kansas, We Would Like to Develop and Quote a Route for You!

We Test, Repair, & Certify

All Commercial Devices.

Lawn Irrigation, Fire Sprinklers, & General Plumbing Applications.

Both New Construction & Existing Applications.


30 Years Experience in Backflow Testing, Certification, & Repair.

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