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Backflow or Back-Siphonage Can Occur When Your Water Pressure Is Not In Balance With Your Provider 

Lawn Sprinkler Systems, Boilers, Fire Suppression Systems, And Even Pop Machines Can Expose Potable Water To Potential Contaminates. 

Cross Connection Control -

When drinking water piping connects to various plumbing fixtures or equipment using water, a cross-connection is created. If improperly protected, contamination can result. In certain circumstances water can reverse it's flow bringing contaminates from the back into the drinking water piping.  Backflow prevention devices provide an added level of security against such situations. Keeping our potable water safe to drink is their function. 

Backflow Prevention Device Applications - 

  • In Ground Irrigation Systems. Devices help protect our drinking water from pesticides, herbicides, and bacteria that may be present in our lawns.

  • Commercial Boilers. Boilers expose water to heated metal.  Devices on these systems keep metal contaminated water separate from our drinking water.

  • Cooling Towers. Birds, bird feces, dirt, and other things that you could find on the roof of a building can come in contact with the water source filling these type of towers.  A backflow device will keep that water supply safe. 

  • Medical & Laboratory Equipment. Any type of contaminant that you could imagine that someone would need to test that would require water can expose the water source to the contaminant. Diseases and hazardous materials can be stopped from coming in contact with our water supply by use of these devices.  This keeps potential diseases from spreading through our water source. 

  • Vehicle Washing Facilities.  Grease, fuel, brake fluid, anti-freeze, solvents, and other liquids that are in use in vehicles come in contact with water as we wash or fill our engines.  A backflow prevention device will help provide a safe way to work on engines.

  • Commercial Fire Sprinklers. Fire suppression chemicals are not something you want in your drinking water.  Each system needs a device to keep those systems separate. 

  • Food Processing Plants. Many types of bacteria or other contaminates are often present in the production of our food. Devices not only keep our water supply safe but also assist in keeping the production of our food safe as well. 

A Certified Backflow Technician receives training to learn how to identify and contain a potential cross connection.  The Kansas Rural Water Association provides training for our technicians.

Each local water purveyor is required by law to have a cross connection control program in place and filed with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. 

What Is Backflow


Why Is It Important To Me?

Backflow Is All About Safety.

Trust Your Safety To The Specialist!

Backflow Devices Are Actually Backflow Prevention Devices.

Think about Backflow Devices As An Insurance Policy.  They Are In Place For When Everything Goes Wrong. 

Your Drinking Water Can Be Exposed To Contamination From Many Sources.

A Certified Backflow Technician

Is Trained To Repair, Maintain, And Certify Anti-Siphon Devices For Proper Operation And Installation. 

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  • Kansas Backflow Testing · Certified Backflow Inspection and Testing

"Your Backflow Specialist"


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